Ring and Ride Survey

This survey is designed to be completed by organisations/community groups who have an interest in the Ring and Ride service, either on behalf of their members or from a policy perspective. The purpose of this survey is to understand whether there are any barriers to the use of the service and what improvements can be made to the Ring and Ride service to inform our strategic thinking.

Ring and Ride is a service designed to meet the needs of people who find it difficult or are unable to access the general transport network, either part or all of the time. It is a door-to-door minibus service with drivers who are trained in passenger assistance.
To be eligible to use the service, passengers must hold one of the following:
- TfGM travel pass for disabled people; or
- TfGM travel plus pass for disabled people; or
- TfGM travel pass for older people, 70 or over and have difficulty walking; or
- TfGM travel vouchers for disabled people

Currently, passengers can travel anywhere within a 6-mile radius of their home address within the Greater Manchester boundary. Exceptions are made for travel to the nearest local hospital, the nearest town centre or nearest accessible transport facility.
Journeys are allocated on a first come first served basis, with customers able to ring up seven days in advance and up to one hour in advance of travel. Currently, around 25% of journeys are regular group bookings (a group of six or more people travelling to the same location at the same time on a regular basis). These journeys do not have to be booked individually, which means that if you have a place on one of these group bookings, your place is reserved. This in turn affects the availability for trips requested on an ad-hoc basis.
As a result of the pandemic, the service has seen a significant reduction in numbers. Initially, services were suspended entirely due to safety concerns, but were later reinstated with reduced vehicle numbers and appropriate safety measures. Demand is currently being monitored; patronage and requests are around 50% of those in 2019/2020.
TfGM want to engage with interested groups and organisations/community groups about the Ring and Ride service, to help improve the service and ensure there is equal access to those who need it.
We’re looking to understand your organisation/community group’s views on:
- Accessibility of the service
- Availability of the service
- Barriers to use
- Fares
- Satisfaction with the service
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